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We advise and represent domestic and foreign companies and private individuals comprehensively regarding all areas of business law and private law, such as in the following areas.

Companies, Company Law,

Company Matters 

We advise you regarding the incorporation, formation, liquidation, restructuring and adjustment of companies and company documents (capital increase and decrease, other  amendments of the articles of incorporation, changes in registered persons etc.), shareholders' agreements, board of directors' agreements, any other agreements in connection with the foregoing or relating to the company, the board or the shareholders. We provide you with corporate services, corporate housekeeping services and company administration services (domicile services, bank account opening  services, bank account relationship services, board of directors services, signatory services, dealings with authorities, safekeeping and  administration services).


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(Debt and Equity) 

We advise and represent borrowers and lenders regarding any type of  debt financings, the securing of loans and loan facilities and all matters and questions in connection with the foregoing or the national and international laws relating  to  such financings.

We advise and represent target companies and investors regarding any type of equity financings, such as private equity financings, and regarding  all matters and questions  in connection therewith or the national and international laws relating  to  such financings.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise and represent you regarding all types of mergers & acquisitions transactions (share deal, asset deal, mergers, demergers, transfer of assets) and regarding all matters and questions in connection therewith. 

Signing a Contract


We advise you regarding negotiating and drafting of all major contracts and statements of business law and private law (such as sale and  purchase agreements, employment agreements, rental agreements, agreements for work and services, mandate agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, joint venture agreements, financing agreements, R&D agreements (research and development agreements) and other nominate agreements and innominate agreements).

Labour Law, Social Security Law, Hiring of Personnel and Placement of Personnel

We advise and represent you regarding all matters and questions of labour law and employment law (such as regarding drafting or assessing employment contracts and employment regulations, notice of termination, termination agreements, merger and transfer of business related employment laws, temporary assignments of employees to Switzerland or abroad).  We further advise  you on all matters and questions of national and international social security laws (such as e.g. regarding the applicable social security law in cross border-cases) and of the national an d international laws governing the Hiring of Personnel and the Placement of Personnel.

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Real Estate

We advise you regarding all real estate matters such as the sale and purchase of real estate or real estate portfolios and other real estate transactions (sale and leaseback, purchase rights, pre-emption rights, usufructs, residential property rights and mortgages and other security  rights) as well as regarding all questions of national and international real estate law (e.g. about the possibilities and restrictions of the acquisition of Swiss real estate by persons abroad according to the relevant laws ("Lex Koller")).

Other areas of Business Law, Banking Law and

Financial Markets Law

We advise you regarding matters of  intellectual property law, competition law, data protection law, anti-bribery law, banking law, insurance law, stock exchange law, the law regarding collective investment schemes, the laws regarding asset management and  securities law.

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Relocation of companies and private individuals
(Immigration and Emigration)

We advise you regarding all relocation matters and questions (such as the choice of domicile, registration and deregistration, residence permits, work permits, acquisition of residential property, rental agreements) .

Estate planning, personal planning, business succession

We advise you regarding marriage contracts, inheritance contracts, wills, bequests, testamentary dispositions, orders of death, living wills, advance care directives, custody orders, business succession planning, executions of wills and all  questions of inheritance law, matrimonial property law and the  laws governing personal planning and succession planning.

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Other Areas of  Private Law

We advise you regarding any matters and questions relating to foundations, donations,  philanthropy, data protection laws, anti-stalking laws, matrimonial law, child law, child and adult protection law, registered partnership, concubinage.

Litigation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Insolvency, Restructuring and Enforcement

We advise you on all issues relating to insolvency, reorganisation and on the enforcement of your claims and rights.  We represent you in all insolvency proceedings, reorganization proceedings and enforcement proceedings.

International Administrative Assistance and International Legal Assistance

We advise and represent you regarding all proceedings of international administrative assistance and international legal assistance (in tax matters, in financial market matters and in criminal matters) and regarding all questions and issues arising in connection therewith. 



We advise and represent you regarding all tax matters and proceedings.

We advise you on the enforcement of your rights, on alternative dispute resolution, on litigation before state courts and arbitration tribunals as well as on all related questions and issues. We represent you before all state courts and arbitration tribunals as well as in all proceedings of alternative dispute resolution in all areas of commercial law, commercial law and private law .

Business Criminal Law, White Collar Crime

We advise and represent you regarding all matters, issues and proceedings relating to Business Criminal Law and White Collar Crime.

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